Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ambro Box                                                                                            Spring 2013

Text reads:


Do you think you will ever know me
as I am meant to be known?

The simple exuberance of flowers
belie their multiple and complicated unfoldings.

Like a wave,
            like a new star,
               like a heart,
                            like my mouth across your belly.

You are continents
                        and away
though your ripples supplant any
       immediacy around me.

I do not know you
        but I know
the secret prism of you.

It is as transparent to me as
the eye in the sky of night.

And though you may never know me,

in that prism I have glimpsed
          myself,        eternity,
and the closest thing to knowing
       which is the closest thing to love.

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